at Home with Jerome

  • I am nothing more than an echo and reflection of the beauty and wisdom that I have encountered during the passage of some very interesting years.  It has been my extremely good fortune to have met so many inspiring artists and teachers, , to whom I shall be eternally grateful. My life’s journey has been guided by the desire to emulate and exemplify the best of all that has been set before me. 

  • If my own work bears any trace of these influences I will be pleased, proud and humbled. I treat it as my obligation to use whatever talents I have to share the works which move me – awakening a sense of wonder in myself and, hopefully, in others.
  • This is why all content on this site can be downloaded at no cost to you.  Every track I’ve produced, whether my own creations or works by other artists, I believe is worthy of your attention.
  • I trust you will be pleased to discover new singers, players and songwriters here, support our work and help spread the word . . . . Many Bests, Jerome
  • my song, my story, my homemade drum kit – assisted by “The Mountain River Valley Boys,” performed LIVE in satsang 2011 – Kullu. HP, India

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