Between the Ears and Hips


What a brilliant year of adaptations, acceptances and surrenders its been for me (so far)!

I thought to add an update to that very personal post about my hearing/balance issues. I am still dealing with the birds and hums and buzzes in my head; but, incredibly, my vertigo and imbalance has been resolved, and it came about as an unexpected consequence of something I’d been meaning to do for a long time.

After too may hours at the computer one week in April 2020 my back had begun complaining in a way I could no longer ignore! Fortunately I knew how to get relief and was able to see an excellent, old-school Chiropractor at short notice.

I was raised in a family where naturopathic treatment was always the first, and often the last, recourse for any type of ailment. My father had graduated from the Canadian memorial Chiropractic College in the 40's and kept his practice in the basement of our home till he passed away in 1995. I was never vaccinated or innocculated throughout all my school years  and for a long while after that. 
Our family values held that Drugs to be not as useful as Vitamins, and we thought of hospitals or Specialists as a very last resort. So I have always been a solid believer in the value of Natural Healing and the Chiropractic method.

But it had been a while, probably over 12 years, since my last adjustment so I was clearly overdue for a visit.

After a short interview and a few forms and waivers to be signed, the Doctor (of Chiropractics) got me on the table and proceeded to realign my spine.

If you’ve never had the experience of a Chiropractic adjustment I can attest that its no scarier than cracking your knuckles or popping a stiff neck. In fact, proper spinal alignment is essential for the smooth operation of the entire Nervous System, which sends and receives pain and motor signals to every part of the body.

So after perhaps 10 minutes of being worked over by the Skeletal Mechanic I was feeing relieved of the lower back tension and much more limber, particularly in the area of my hips. Over the following days I would often stand, swivelling my lower back and feeling the hips float freely side to side and realized that my hips and sacrum (tailbone) had been immobilized for years and were now loose and free to realign the supporting base of the spinal column.

It wasn’t till some weeks had gone by that I noticed that I hadn’t had a dizzy spell in quite sometime, whereas I’d gotten used to having vertigo every week or so. And I came to conclude that my centre of balance had shifted from my head and ears to my hips and so established a lower centre of gravity for me. Its a wonderful new feeling of stability, like being grounded in the seat of a sports car (MG, Red, Convertible), leaning into the curves and swiveling, securely gripped in the leather-upholstered bucket. Unlike my previous point of view from the top of the main mast, looking out and down from a great height (about 6’1″), swaying in the upper breezes.

So all I can say about my new steady footing and firm foundation is this:

Often relief can come from unexpected directions. Any kind of help can provide help in many different, and often unlooked-for areas. So keep observing, keep an open mind and don’t EVER think you know it all or that there’s nothing left for you to learn, even about your own state of being, because the world is full of solutions to problems you may not even know you have.

Never Give Up.

Keep Watching for signs of something new. It could be you’ve already changed!

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