Closing Comments


No, I’m not shutting down the website; but I am completely overwhelmed by the responses I’ve received in the “comments” section here. And I DO mean Overwhelmed! Over the past 2 years my site has been slowly gathering users, and your comments have been most welcome (if sometimes incomprehensible). So I truly appreciate the largely positive responses, and even the few spam attempts are interesting; but the number of comments on the page has been growing exponentially. I’m very grateful to those of you who have shared my jottings and hope the circles will keep expanding; but I never intended to be running a message board here. At some point I may be able to figure out a more efficient way of having 2 way communication, but until then I regret having to disable comments.

I just took a couple of weeks off from answering and posting the comments and found over 5,000 new posts when I checked in. There is simply no way I can monitor this volume of correspondence, and there have been numerous attempts to insert malware or bad URLs so I can’t just let it run on Auto. I’m not terribly fluent in ‘geekinese” and have been relying on the WORDPRESS.ORG platform and my webhost SITEGROUND.COM to keep things tidy. WORDFENCE does a good job of blocking the misguided hackers and the template used on my site is called “News Vibrant”. That is the sum total of my advice for any would-be bloggers, (other than to keep writing and sharing). Hopefully, instead of making quips or replying to messages, I will be able to devote more time to regular writing and posting. There’s a huge backlog of Musical Projects to sample here and more recordings and videos coming soon.

I’m truly thankful to everyone who has found my site useful or informative, or even entertaining (I am mostly about Music) and am very pleased that some of you found content here which is worthy of sharing with friends. I hope you will continue making use of and finding things of interest – there’s alot of material hidden in the corners here and there. I will keep on overhauling the site to make it function more smoothly. Your comments have inspired me to keep it growing and I hope to reinstate some kind of Comments Forum in the near future. But for now Comments are Closed.

And For anybody who is determined to make contact, you can follow links to my Facebook music Page and other social media sites OR you could make a small (anything over $10 is terrific!) donation through PAYPAL ( the ‘DONATE’ button is near the top of each page) That would send a clear message to me that you have found something here of value to you. 2020 has been one of the strangest years for the whole world. We’re all very lucky to have made it so far together. Hopefully we can all find our place in a better future.

Thank you for your patronage and for being interested.

Many Bests, Jerome

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