Jerome in the Himalayas of North India

Some of Jerome’s home recordings. Self-produced, one-man demos of original material may be heard here ->

Jerome has also produced and played on a number of albums by other artists over the years:

The albums shown here have been produced by Jerome for artists and colleagues whom he has worked with and whose work he admires. They may, or may not include his performances or original material (as noted in the credits). Some of these recordings may be available as limited edition CD’s; but for the most part they are only available for download from this site, or by personal invitation on request. All tracks may be streamed or downloaded free of charge from the links provided.

All download albums include artwork for CD sleeves, designed and created by Jerome – Except for the “JEROME” album front cover artwork, which is a collage by artist Chris Blades.

Here’s the latest release from the vaults – ISLAND – from 1978 now remastered in High Def FLAC format

Remastered to High Definition FLAC by Greg Pauker –
originally recorded in 1978 and released on cassette.
  • The inception of ISLAND took place in Ontario in 1975 when Paul Gellman, David Woodhead and Jerome Jarvis met at a joint concert by Spott Farm and Perth County Conspiracy. The three musicians clicked immediately and in a few months would be playing concerts and recordings with Cedric Smith,Terry Jones and Richard Keelan.
  • in 1977 David and Jerome drove out west to the BC coast and played their first boogie as ISLAND on Gabriola Island for the Winter Solstice celebration. By spring they had worked up a fine repertoire of original songs by Paul and many of their favourite tunes from Perth County, with a few dancey cover tunes by Jackson Brown and Leon Russel. The rest of that year saw them touring all over the Gulf Islands, throughout the Kootenays and as far as Calgary playing concerts, fairs and Boogies in small halls. Over the summer they recorded the album “CELEBRATION” with Greg Pauker, engineer, who also handled sound at many of their live shows. In 2019 Greg located the original recordings and remastered the tracks in High Definition FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec) bringing new life and sparkle to these timeless songs and preserving the memories of a very unique and adventurous time.

Sample tracks from the ISLAND Celebration record can be downloaded in the FLAC format from onedrive. (link below) The entire 11 song package is available by request ->!ArcjtsxkSmpaf3HoOWXkb_H2bsE?e=iPaE17

  • The original ISLAND Celebration album on cassette – now available for download in High Def Lossless Audio

Another fellow with a Perth County Conspiracy (dne) connection – Bob Carpenter.

Bob Carpenter’s songs have been widely recorded and performed by many artists, though his personal appearances were rare and very special events
His 1974 album “Silent Passage” has been acclaimed as a rare treasure .
Shelved by Warner Bros it was released independently in 1984 .

This album “Bob’s Benefit” has been remastered from a Live Concert recording in 1995, where some of his musical friends gathered to perform his music in order to raise funds for helping with his final months as he passed away from a terminal illness. This album features vocals by Valdy, Hahle Gerow, John Lyon and other artists, Jerome Appears on drums throughout and as vocalist on the track: “Mr Blue”.



Richard Keelan is a founding member of Perth County Conspiracy (does not exist) – He can be heard singing and playing his songs on all their albums. The RKives album was originally recorded in 1975 as a demo of his collected works and was never intended for release. It contains two songs previously released on Perth County Conspiracy albums: “People are Out of Tune” and “Welcome Surprise” plus 9 lesser known psych-folk offerings.
Jerome found one of the last remaining cassette copies, had it digitized, reworked and assembled this beautiful package of some of Richard’s finest vintage material.


In 1990 Jerome recorded an 8 song demo of original music, using a 4 track portastudio, MIDI sequencer and Roland D10 synth, along with electro-acoustic instruments (plus the able assistance of co-producer Jimmy Walker who played Bass and Electric sitar for one song).
Otherwise Jerome played, sang, arranged and produced this entire project which was released as a cassette on his RURAL RECORDS label to some small acclaim:
(“NOT INACCESSIBLE” said Tom Harrison on the Vancouver Rock Station CFOX”)

25 years later Jerome re-mastered the original tracks and added a Jazz-Rock song “On the Line” from his self-produced 14 track, 1980 sessions at Bullfrog Studio, featuring some of Vancouver’s top jazz musicians. Also included in this redux package are two instrumental pieces from his 1993 Multi-Media Poetic/Ballet performance show “NEWSPAPER SUIT SUITE”



Between 1970 and 1975 Jerome was co-writer, arranger, drummer and one of the vocalists in the Prog-Country Folk band SPOTT FARM. Living on a farm communally and playing to enthusiastic crowds at Universities and High Schools across Ontario they attracted a devoted following. The one record they released in their career was a 45 single “A Christmas Wish” co-written by J.R Hutt and Jerome Jarvis b/w “The Little Drummer Boy” arranged by Spott Farm.

This posthumous album “ONCE UPON A FARM” contains 13 songs taken from live concert recordings and digitally re-mastered by Jerome.
Included are 3 of Jerome’s original compositions. His drumming and harmony vocals can be heard throughout. Also included is a bonus track of “SPOTT FARM’s Christmas Medley” taken from a treasured-but-aged vinyl 45. You can read more about the band SPOTT FARM here <



In 2013 Timothy Cook, harmonica player extraordinaire, was living in the Philippines when Typhoon Yolanda tore through the area. He was so moved by the devastation caused by this immense storm that he was inspierd to create these pieces for solo harmonica. After sending me the raw recordings we crafted this album together. Collaborating online, Jerome added ambient tracks using sound effects of wind and storm and heavily processed sounds of Timothy’s Lee Oscar harmonica. This is the latest of four albums of Timothy Cook’s music produced by Jerome.

Note ; These tracks are offered here as high quality WAV files

Tim can be contacted by email at



During his first trip to India in 2003 Jerome met and performed with some outstanding musicians and creators from all over the planet. Some of these performances were captured on tape at the Satsang Hall. Some of the artists were invited into the recording studio to capture some of the musical magic created there.

Taking these tapes of the various singers and songwriters as a starting point, Jerome added some instruments at home in his own studio and remastered the original tracks to create this beautiful, spiritually-inspired collection of devotional music. His original piece “I AM THAT” rounds out the album, with the Group of Gyaan singing along with Jerome on lead vocals, mandolin, guitar, keyboards .

In 2008 I was commissioned to create a suite of music in 3 movements for a chorographic work by Suzanne Turgeon Ims with the theme “DANCE of INDIA

The eight minute piece was performed with a pre-recorded soundtrack at the Royal Norwegian Opera House in the spring of 2009

The music was recorded by Jerome. while in India, at a small home studio. Flutes, Tamboura, Mandolin and percussion were layered over a synthesised sequenced bed track.

  • Choreography by Suzanne Turgeon Ims for the Norwegian National Ballet school, Oslo, Norway.
  • Photos by Jörg Wiesner


In the 1969 London Stage production of “Hair”, Anabel Littledale, (Vidyaatma) performed the song “I Met a Boy named Frank Mills”
She now studies Meditation and Vedant Philosophy in the Himalayas. Her 12 song CD has traditional and original songs of devotion.

Vidyaatma (Anabel Littledale) 12 song CD
  • In 2008 I was invited to participate in creating Vidyaatma’s first CD recording. Starting with cassette masters from a previous recording, we digitized the original tracks and layered instrumentation and harmony. I arranged musicians for the sessions and played mandolin, guitars, keyboards, percussion and sang harmony.
  • This beautiful 12 song album contains original and traditional Spiritual songs.

Preview or Download “Songs from the Absolute Awareness” (12 WAV files w Graphics) Now ->