Great Library Interactive Musical Project a Serialized Experiment

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These words are quoted from Carl Sagan’s COSMOS as a background to the life and times of Hypatia, the last director of the Library of Alexandria and a martyr to the cause of science. Original music and recording by Jerome


presenting an online interactive collaborative work.

seven acts in serialized instalments.

Historical Background
There once existed a storehouse of the world’s written knowledge where the treasures of wisdom from all the previous ages had been collected.
We have only the barest conception of what has been lost.

Death of Hypatia

by Luis Figuier 1866

The Last Director of the library was HYPATIA – a mathematician, philosopher and astronomer who was murdered by a religious mob, intent on removing pagan influence, arts and science from the world . They succeeded in holding back human progress for about 1,000 years, .

The GREAT LIBRARY musical project is a dramatic examination of some of the works which the library must have contained. The shelves held the all of the collected written works in the world up to that time.

Ships entering the port of Alexandria were searched for any written works,
which were taken to the Library to be copied. The original was kept
and the copy would be returned
  • Carl Sagan makes the point, in his book and TV series COSMOS, that the destruction of the Library at Alexandria was like a lobotomy of human civilization. So much of the world’s history and science disappeared from the collective consciousness that the promoters of religiously enforced intolerance and superstition were able to hold the people in the bondage of ignorance until the renaissance of the 17th century when scientist such as Galileo and Newton were able to rescue scientific thought from the stigma of sorcery and question the supremacy of the church in matters of morality and faiths.