It has been said many times (which does not make it true; but It has been confirmed by my experience), that when the student/seeker is ready for the next lesson the right teacher will appear.

Again and again, with uncannily perfect timing, whenever I’ve become seriously interested in any field and needed to know more about: Yoga, Karate, Tai-Chi, Meditation, Energy/Body work, Kung Fu, Orchestration, Theatre Tech, Therapeutic Massage, or Vegetarian Cooking, the person who was best-equipped to teach me would turn up. My skill set has grown by my having followed wherever my interests might lead; and  I am forever grateful to my many teachers for their patience, in waiting for me to be prepared for them. When I was ready to drop my preconceptions and  approach the next lesson with the emptiness of a beginner’s  mind, they were there to fill me up. 

Truth is not always found where one would expect; but it is my belief that we can always recognize it when it appears. Whether in a book or a movie, in a song or play or even occasionally hearing it directly from one who knows, the truth makes itself known. It comes not as a new discovery; but in a flash of recognition like a light bulb switched on. In my case, I seen to “hear” a clear ringing of a bell. You must have heard the expression: “That rings a bell!”  – Well its TRUE.

(You may feel free to disagree; but don’t expect to convince me.)

I hold these TRUTHS to be self-evident:

I’ve heard it said :

“Imagination is the ONLY reality for a human being.”

Guru ji

“There is no such thing as non-existence”

Guru ji

“You are not to worry about purifying the intellect. Whether pure or impure it is still KNOWER. Whatever you’re living you have to love it, till you transcend the limit of your imagination.”

Guru ji


” This knower is already free. Close your eyes. It is within and all around you. Mind only works in the body, Time and Space. Knower is beyond that. World and knower, all sentient beings are one and the same. The division between the seer and the seen is an illusion.”

Guru ji

“THAT – because of which ALL is in manifestation, living, dissolving, THAT is your ‘I’. If you say : ‘That is there; but This is I” you got bound. When you know LIFE is ‘I’ your purpose is fullfilled.”

Guru ji

“Our language has made us crippled. So we have introduced meditation in order to contradict. Language is ALL Deception.”

Guru ji

“You heard your parents speak and you say: ‘This is the Truth.’ But (these) truths are always changing and dying. We’ll never know because the mind is confined.”

Guru ji

“Prayer is when you are talking to God. Meditation is when you’re listening.”

Guru Ji

“Beginning starts from my rising .

It is Me who says I am rising.

I am Loving throughout.

I was in the beginning. I was in the middle

and I will be just the same when I will not be with the body.

I am moving, never tired, as the river water is flowing.

This is My story.

I Am Time and Space.

I Am Cause and Effect

and I Am every atom of existence.”

Guru ji